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Compliance Dashboards
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Compliance Dashboard

With the Compliance Dashboad, you get an overview of important activities, assets and tools related to managing your compliance and relationships with Partners.

  • Inbox.  The SAQs that are waiting on you and are in process.
  • Outbox.  The SAQs that you have sent out to partners and are in process.
  • Returned.  The SAQs that have been returned to you and are waiting on your approval and final disposition.
  • Search Tool.  Quickly access Security Policies and business profile information using keyword searches.

Associate Management Tools

  • Manage an unlimited number of Business Associate records and contacts
  • Assign risk profiles to associates
  • Administer Business Associate Agreements (BAA's)
  • Schedule Security Questionnaires (SAQs) based on BAA renewal dates
  • Integrate data and records from vendor management systems
  • Track annual review dates
  • Track SAQ history for partners
  • Monitor partner dashboards

More about Security Questionnaires and Business Associates... 

SAQ Template Builder

  • Build multiple templates for different partner types and categories
  • Manage template life cycles from draft through publishing and retirement
  • WYSIWYG builder lets you see the SAQ while you are building it just as responders will see it
  • Supports multiple question types (Yes/No, True/False, multiple-choice, select one, freefrom text)
  • Supports question dependencies (example: only show question B if the responder selects Yes on question A).
  • Configure questions to require Comments with responses based on responses to the question
  • Questions and text can be formatted with our easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  • Add comments, instructions, headers, and other text to questionnaires
  • Organize questions on an unlimted number of tabs similar to spreadsheets
  • Reorder questions using drag and drop
  • Outline the layout and presentation of questions
  • Attach reusable questions using searchable question banks
  • Reuse questions across multiple templates
  • Export SAQs to Excel for offline use

ComplyWorkshop Document Builder

  • Text can be edited and formatted with our easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  • Rearrange sections and blocks of text using drag and drop
  • Track edits, changes and status of Documents and Document blocks
  • Sections and Blocks of text can be selectively shared as links with your partners
  • Documents can be exported as PDFs and Word documents

Standards Dashboard

Do you have Policies and Procedures in place for every required and addressable HIPAA standard?  How do you know and track that?  With the Standards Dashboard, you have immediate visibility on...

  • Standards you've got covered with an up-to-date Policy.
  • Standards that need a Policy that you've not yet put in place.

Policy Builder

The Policy Builder is an easy-to-use tool for building Policies and Procedures that are linked to legislative standards.

  • WYSIWYG tool allows you to build Policies with formatted text similar to standard desktop software.
  • Use one of our libraries of Policy & Procedures templates to get started.  No need to start from scratch.
  • Link policies and procedures to legislative requirements.  This allows you to track whether or not you have all of the necessary policies and procedures in place to keep your business in compliance.
  • Track the authorship of Policies.
  • Attach PDFs and other documentation for reference.
  • Track workflows on policies from draft through publishing.
Learn more about why build Policy Documentation in ComplyWorkshop.

Legislative Reference

With ComplyWorkshop you get the HIPAA Security and Privacy legislation text right at your finger tips.  This allows you to see the standards in context while you are building your required policies and procedures.

  • Searchable library.
  • Allows you to see the full legislative context that is linked to the Standards Dashboard.


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