Security Questionnaires

The tools you need to build and administer security questionnaires.

SAQ Template Builder

  • Build multiple templates for different partner types and categories
  • Manage template life cycles from draft through publishing and retirement
  • WYSIWYG builder lets you see the SAQ while you are building it just as responders will see it
  • Supports multiple question types (Yes/No, True/False, multiple-choice, select one, freefrom text)
  • Supports question dependencies (example: only show question B if the responder selects Yes on question A).
  • Configure questions to require Comments with responses based on responses to the question
  • Questions and text can be formatted with our easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  • Add comments, instructions, headers, and other text to questionnaires
  • Organize questions on an unlimted number of tabs similar to spreadsheets
  • Reorder questions using drag and drop
  • Outline the layout and presentation of questions
  • Attach reusable questions using searchable question banks
  • Reuse questions across multiple templates
  • Export SAQs to Excel for offline use

Outbound SAQ Workflow Management

  • Assign SAQs with Due Dates to your business partners
  • Notify partners of SAQ assigments using customizable email templates
  • Track each SAQ progress online from start to completion
  • Review and print completed SAQs
  • Export completed SAQs to Excel
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