A full suite of functionality for CE's and BA's.

For Covered Entities

BA Management and Administration

The tools we offer make tracking and managing your Business Associates much easier with far fewer headaches.

Tracking.  You'll find managing and tracking the status of your Business Associates much more manageable with ComplyWorkshop.  The dashboards in ComplyWorkshop will let you know who has completed a security questionnaire and when.  Of course you'll also know who has not.

Dashboard Views.  ComplyWorkshop offers quick, easy views of your BA population with designations for risk and metrics on SAQ status.

Communicate.  Use our integrated messaging tools to notify Business Associates and track their responses.

Security Questionnaires

Cloud-Based Delivery and Tracking

No more sending questionnaires as email attachments that are built in clunky spreadsheets or desktop documents.  The ComplyWorkshop system features a secure, online access portal for your Business Associates to open and complete questionnaires that you build and manage online (see below).

Smart Workflow Tools.  Track and advance questionnaires through Publishing, Assignment, Work-in-Progress, Acceptance, and Closing.  Follow Due Dates and follow-up on past due questionnaires.

Benchmarking.  By building security questionnaires from a library of standardized questions, you will have access to benchmarking information on how your business associates rate compared to your peers.

Flexible Building Tools

Questionnaire Builder.  With the ComplyWorkshop questionnaire builder, you can build your questionnaires for efficient online delivery and tracking.  Build multiple questionnaire templates that are customized for different groups of business associates. 

Banks of Standardized Questions.  You can build questionnaires from a large, searchable repository of questions.

Create Customized Questions.  In addition to using questions from one of our libraries, you can build your own custom questions.


For Business Associates

Policies and Procedures

Document Management

With ComplyWorkshop, you can manage many forms of documention about your business, but the two most important types are Policies & Procedures and Business Profiles

Customizable Libraries

We offer a large library of policies and procedures that are based on the the most common published security rules and regulations like NIST Publication 800-53 and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  You can customize and personalize them for your organization.

Tracking.  As you work building and customizing your library of policies and procedures, you will be able to track the progress of implementation.

Secure Sharing of Business Information

As an organization doing business with healthcare organizations like hospitals and other providers, you are required to share information about your business practices that are designed to keep PHI safe and secure.  You can easily and securely share this information through our ComplyWorkshop library management tools.


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