Document Management

A full library of compliance content and documentation.

Policy and Profile Document Management

With ComplyWorkshop, you can manage many forms of documention about your business, but the two most important types are Policies & Procedures and Business Profiles.  Both serve as a key foundation for

  • Making sure your business is following rules and regulations regarding security and privacy
  • Sharing key information with your business partners
  • Responding to Security Questionnaires

Why build documents with ComplyWorkshop Document Builder?

Building and editing these documents with the ComplyWorkshop Document Builder provides several distinct advantages –
  • Document Components can be searched and linked as responses to SAQ questions.
  • Document Components can be selectively shared online with partners
  • Document Components can be embedded in your website pages
  • Document Components can be linked with regulatory standards like HIPAA which you can track in our Standards Dashboard

ComplyWorkshop Document Builder

  • Text can be edited and formatted with our easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  • Rearrange sections and blocks of text using drag and drop
  • Track edits, changes and status of Documents and Document blocks
  • Sections and Blocks of text can be selectively shared as links with your partners
  • Documents can be exported as PDFs and Word documents
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